(Multiple) New Beginnings!

Woooo, it’s Friday!! Seriously. This week seemed like it stretched on FOREVER, but that miiiight have something to do with all of the major changes that happened to me this week. I’ve been telling you guys that life has been insane lately & I couldn’t quite discuss it yet – but I can now! Somewhat, anyways. Sooo for those interested… here’s a cliff notes version of that story. I quit my job on Monday (as in, here’s my resignation.. effective right NOW). It was a really bad situation and got to a point where my husband (wonderful man that he is) texted me Monday at work and said the beautiful words I’d been longing to hear: “You’re done. Get out of there.” Hallelujah, praise Jesus. I’ve never felt so FREE!

Aaaand then I was jobless. Happy but jobless. Thankfully, my wonderful former employer has graciously agreed to let me to work for her (nannying) for the month of December until an opportunity I have lined up starts in January. I can’t really talk about what THAT will be quite yet, since it’s not officially official. I mean, it’s like 98% official. But still. Seriously guys, my life is really not this interesting – all these secrets and things I “can’t walk about”. Fo real. You’re REALLY not missing out on anything (I promise!) – I just want to respect the other parties involved in all of these situation. So you’ll know when I know! ;) But for now, I’m just enjoying spending time with my nanny fam (whom I ADORE), days off to paint our house, putter around, and watch my husband’s jr high basketball games! Life is beautiful :)

Okay, enough of the serious stuff. Here’s a sneak peek of our dining room that I’ve been working on! I still need to finish the top sections around the room and down by the baseboards – which will require a much smaller brush. So I’m kiiinda avoiding that right now. But it should be done on Monday! Which is super exciting. Especially since the chair remodel is finally done (you can find those before and after pics here) – I was so ready to complete the room! And I’m loving what this brand spankin’ new color is doin’ for it!

Getting rid of the dark grey/navy!

Getting rid of the dark grey/navy!


See that tiny space between the baseboard and the windowsill?? Whyyyy?? ;)

I also want to give you a preview for a recipe I’m going to be posting on Monday – Grilled Flank Steak Salad! With homemade Paleo creamy balsamic dressing. It is quite possibly the most delicious salad ever made. And it has steak. So it’s def husband friendly! PS: Sorry for the poor picture quality – this was before I got my Canon 30D (more on that later – I’m obsessed though, just so you know!).

Soo good!

Soo good!

I hope you have a beautiful Friday – thanks for stopping by! :)

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